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This is a work in progress for the A Game By It's Cover 2016 game jam. Based on the image Sunglass 破壊者 by Juan A. Silva Jr.

Image description:

Sunglass 破壊者

Juan A. Silva Jr. / Graphic Designer

The evil Shutter Shade Empire has taken over the 80's! It's up to you to shoot your way thru 8 levels of intense retro fun in this new game from Lord Toon Industries!


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This is Juan A. Silva Jr. from LTI, I can't wait to see what you guys come up with!//

Hey, thanks for the shout out. We've had a lot of fun working on this title, it's a great conceptto build into a game. It really pains me to say this, but due to some unexpected life issues amongst us, we won't be able to finish this project by the deadline. That being said, even if it won't make it into the jam, we're eager to finish this project regardless, we've put a lot of heart into it so far. We'll just just call it a tribute to LTI, so keep an eye out.

When it's done where will it be hosted, Here on itch or somewhere eles? Once its done I wouldn't mind hosting it on my site crediting you of course.//